A Birmingham City University 2018 graduate in Film and Animation, part of School of Visual Communication. 


She is interested in camera work and photography, with expertise in visual art, humanities and acting. She has directed, edited, color graded, made short films, music videos, fashion videos, corporate videos, promotion videos, and branding. 


Professional Experience


Head of Branding at Scratch Media Society, BCU 

Photographer Assistant at Success Photography, Birmingham

Official Photographer for the Conservatoire Ball 2016, BCU 

Videographer for commercial videos for Gecco, Romania 

Second AC and Continuity Supervisor for the independent feature film Sustain, West Middlands

Official Videographer for Costume & Design Conference/ Exhibition 2017, BCU

Videographer for Fuzzbox music video, Birmingham

Official Photographer & Videographer for Songwall  Gigs

Full-time Editor for Event Production at Warwick University

Multimedia Designer for Phoenix Creative at Coventry University

If you have a project or a requirement regarding film/ photography and you want to collaborate, then please use the contact page to get in touch.


Oana Catalina 


Awards and Recognition

  • First Place Cine Excess Horror Film Competition 2017

  • First Place 2Weeks2MakeIt Music Video Competition 2017

  • IMDB credits for the independent feature film Sustain 

  • First Class Degree in Film and Animation at Birmingham City University

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